Tackle Sleep Disturbance

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How it Affects You

We all need to have the right amount of sleep for our body to carry out its normal physiological cycles. Lack of sleep can hamper concentration, hence performance at work or in general.

Some people find that their memory and decision- making are affected if they lack sleep. They also find themselves easily annoyed, anxious, or fearful.

Other people try different things and activities hoping to help them sleep. They drink alcohol, exercise to tire themselves out, eat, or count leaping sheeps. Sleeping pills may temporarily help but is not a long- term solution and it may even cause dependence on it.

According to some studies, people with insomnia are also “five times more likely to have high levels of paranoid thinking.”

How We Can Help

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective way of addressing the root cause(s) of sleep disturbances and helping you relax.

With Wellness Trance Hypnotherapy, you can get that good night’s sleep again!

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