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Wanna Lose Weight?

Having excess weight is a common problem in America. Many people have gone into painful lengths just to lose weight- only to gain them again after, making it a difficult struggle for them.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

What It’s Doing to You

Apart from the physical symptoms, being overweight can increase your risk of diseases like heart attack, brittle bones, diabetes, and certain cancers!

For pregnant women, it may cause short- and long- term health problems for your child.

It can also affect you emotionally by decreasing self- esteem,  cause mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

It may be giving you an overall feeling of being unwell, and can hinder your performance, keeping you from working at your full potential.

Your health is important. You can do something about it!

How We Can Help

There are several reasons why someone starts gaining weight. Some of them may be due to emotional eating, guilty pleasures, mindless eating, reward, cultural conditioning, low self- esteem, and lack of knowledge on nutrition.

At Wellness Trance Hypnotherapy, we conduct an initial interview to identify the source of the weight loss and help you deal with it in hypnosis.

Although hypnosis increases the chance of successfully losing weight, hypnosis will not make you slim overnight- shedding weight is a gradual process, and we will work with you on that.

How soon do you want to be leaner?

Take the first step to effectively shedding excess weight and feel better about yourself!

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