Quit Smoking

If you've tried to quit smoking before and failed but want to succeed this time, hypnosis may just be it!

Self- Check

* Have you tried quitting smoking before but failed?
* Do you find it getting expensive due to rising costs?
* Have you started noticing shortness of breath or coughing that seems to stay for ages?
* Has the thought of how it’s affecting your health crossed your mind?
* Have you become aware of how it’s affecting your partner, family, especially your kids?

What Smoking is Doing to You

You must have seen all the commercials and ads on the effects of smoking which are all, by the way, true. There are some noticeable physical effects and those that you don’t see but may be starting to feel or notice in the future as it gets worse.

Noticeable physical effects may include teeth staining, burns on fingers, darkened lips, wrinkly skin, looking years older than your age due to oxygen deprivation on your skin, bad teeth, and erectile dysfunction. There’s also the smell that sticks on your hair and clothes, and causes bad, tar- smelling breath.

Other more noticeable effects are shortness of breath, decreased stamina, and that cough or flu that keeps coming back for some reason!

It can give you lung or blood cancer, constricted blood vessels, diabetes complications, and increase risk of heart disease. For women, it can cause infertility, cervical cancer, early menopause, or problems for your baby if you’re pregnant.

If you were to be the person who wants to avoid all these, I wonder what you’ll do.

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking before it leads to some irreversible damage later on.

The Cost of Smoking

Did you know that the national average is that people spend 14% of their income on cigarettes? Some even spend up to 25% on smokes. How much are you spending on yours?

For someone who smokes a pack a day, with a pack costing $8.98 (average cost in WA), that’s approximately $3, 278 savings a year. A person who smokes double that amount is coughing up $6,555 a year. Just imagine how you’ll be spending that money if you finally quit smoking and saved that amount! A trip to the country that you’ve always wanted to visit? A huge LED TV…

The cost of our 3- Session Hypnotherapy is $340. A fairly small amount to pay for your health.

How We Can Help

An interview happens during the first part of the first session. It is in these few minutes where we identify the reasons behind the habit and the triggers for smoking. Then we address those in hypnosis.

Think of this in terms of a tree representing the smoking habit. We identify the major roots of that tree and start chopping each one in hypnosis. Without the roots, the tree collapses.  Without the triggers, the habit is gone.

You must have heard about people successfully quitting smoking with hypnosis. If you haven’t tried hypnosis before, now is your chance.

Our Guarantee

As results vary between individuals, in the slight possibility of a relapse, you don’t have to pay for your follow-up sessions, ever! Just simply email or ring us to book for an appointment.

Our guarantee covers only smoking cessation hypnotherapy.

How soon do you want to be a non-smoker?

Take the first step to effectively and finally quit smoking!

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