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Did you know that more than 10% of people will experience some phobia at some point in their life? Some people suddenly develop fear of something without knowing how, but they experience the reality of the fear, including any physical symptoms that may accompany it.

When you find yourself in a particular situation or see the object that you fear, do you feel nervous, hesitant, almost freaking out, maybe have sweaty palms, and just want to get away? What if you need to travel and have this fear of flying? Or perhaps have this opportunity to work in a building but have this fear of elevators and find it unthinkable to walk 25 flights of stairs everyday? Some people even feel the fear of failure!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

What Fear/ Phobia Does

It can cause you distress, make you agitated, and leave you with that feeling of discomfort. It can make you find yourself negotiating out of a situation, and sometimes not doing anything about a situation from fear of failure that you miss valuable opportunities, including promotions.  Social phobia can make you feel isolated and miss social events.

Certain physical, mental, and emotional states are associated with a phobia or fear. And whenever you face these objects or situations, you re- experience these associated states all over again. Just think how many times you have and will continue re-experiencing it!

Now imagine being free of your fear/ phobia.  How good it feels like, and all the things you can finally do without it.  And this can be your new reality- with the help of hypnosis!

How We Can Help

With our proven techniques in hypnotherapy, you can finally be free of your fear/ phobia! We train your mind to respond more appropriately to the object or situation. This means you will feel more relaxed and respond much better to that fear/ phobia.

Other forms of fear/ phobia may include:
Social phobia; fear of animals (dogs, spiders, etc.), situations (flying on a plane, elevators, bridges, etc.), environment…

Fear of Elevators
Fear of Flying

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