Overcome Anxiety

Keep yourself from overthinking future events and experiencing its effects physically and emotionally!!

Which Form of Anxiety Are You Running?


In a given situation, your first thought is a negative outcome or you immediately think of the worst possible outcome that could happen

Exam Anxiety

Experiencing tension and anxiety while preparing for an exam or sitting an exam

General Anxiety

Worrying about a lot of different things and situations, and feeling anxious almost everyday

Anxiety Attacks (Panic Attacks)

Intense feelings of anxiety which is accompanied by physical symptoms. These symptoms are characterized by chest pain, tingling sensation on the fingers, shortness of breath, dizziness, and possibly excessive perspiration

Performance Anxiety

Also known as “stage freight.” It’s the fear of performing in front of a group of people. It keeps you from doing what you enjoy doing. It can affect your self- esteem. This is commonly experienced by athletes,  public speakers, actors, and musicians.

Presentation Anxiety

Being self- conscious and embarrassed when speaking or presenting with the fear of being judged negatively, making a mistake, looking awkward, or being the centre of attention. This may be accompanied by physical symptoms, as well as mental symptoms such as the mind going blank

Social Anxiety (Social Phobia)

Avoiding speaking publicly, being assertive or making small talk, at work or anywhere, due to intense fear of being embarrassed, judged unfavorably, humiliated, or even criticized.

How We Can Help

Anxiety is a normal reaction to a stressful situation.  However, running anxiety excessively can have negative impacts on your work, family, relationships & social life.

It’s not just you who has to deal with high levels of energy- draining stress and worry, but also the people around you.

We can help you have a calmer mind which, in turn, makes for a calmer body, resulting to higher self- confidence and better performance. We use hypnosis to help you make finer distinction about things you shouldn’t worry about, and enable you to make valid assessment of yourself and your abilities.

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