Manage Stress

Learn how to recognize when you're getting stressed and know how to manage it!

Self- Check

Do you-

* Feel overwhelmed when presented with multiple tasks
* Easily feel agitated, are moody, or feel that you’re either losing control or need to take control
* Find that situations cause you a headache, upset stomach, nausea, fast heartbeat, or muscle pain
* Feel drained of energy, have low self- esteem, sometimes feel depressed
* Find yourself drinking alcohol, eating, smoking, or using drugs to relieve stress

What Stress is Doing to You

In response to stressful situations, the body automatically pumps more blood into your muscles, your blood pressure increases, breathing becomes rapid, and the heart rate  increases (Fight-or-Flight response).

Constantly subjecting your body to this can make you feel burnt- out, make you feel low, affect your mood and the way you respond, and even make you physically sick (upset stomach, nausea, headache, chest pain, tense muscles, diarrhea, insomnia)! It can also increase your weight!

It can affect concentration, your performance at work or sexually, as well as how you deal with your friends, family, and situations.

How We Can Help

Stress is our body’s natural reaction, physically and emotionally,  to some demands which we think we are incapable of meeting at that time.

There are many situations that can cause stress- work, family, commitments, studies and exams, relationship, financial problems, obligations, responsibilities, pressures, etc.

Using hypnosis, we can help you effectively manage your stress levels so you can cope with it whenever you find yourself in similar situations.

You will also learn a relaxation technique that will help relax you any time you want to.

How soon do you want to feel less stressed?

Take the first step to effectively managing your stress levels!

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