Break Addiction

Set yourself free from what's been holding you back!

Self- Check

Do you find yourself engaging too much in pleasurable activities like gambling, smoking, watching porn, having sex, eating sweets, playing games, using social media, and shopping?

Do you ingest substances in excess like alcohol, nicotine, or narcotics?

Has it turned into a continuing practice that it has become a compulsive behavior, even out of control?

What Addiction Can Do

When someone is addicted to a substance or a pleasurable activity, that person’s behavior can cause problems financially, affect work, performance, relationships, family. When left unchecked, it can lead to losing a job, a promotion, friends, or bury you in debt.

Sometimes, the person himself is unaware of his out of control behavior and how it is affecting him and others. Addiction in any form needs to be broken and the person set free to let him live a better life.

How We Can Help

Sometimes, an addictive behaviour can be hard to break even if you’re strong willed. The amount of time and effort you put in an attempt to curb it may be great but just doesn’t seem enough to get lasting results, and if it works, you relapse after a short period of time. Hypnosis can help you break that addictive behaviour!

We help you find the causes of the addictive behaviour and re-train your brain faster with hypnosis. That means you can be free of the addictive behavior with long-term effect in just a couple of sessions!

Other forms of addiction may include: Gambling, Smoking, Alcohol, Sugar/ Sweets, Sex, Porn, Masturbation, Games, Social Media, Cannabis, Narcotics, Exercise, Obsessive Behavior (examples are obsessive cleaning, email checking, etc.)

How soon do you want your freedom?

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