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Does Hypnosis Work?

Find out how hypnosis compares to other forms of therapy based on studies conducted.

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Can You be Hypnotized?

Find out if you are hypnotizable by taking this short test!

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“When your inner world comes to order,
your outer world comes into order.” -IChing

If you’ve been dealing with a problem and feel that you’re stuck, moving slowly, or not getting any results, hypnosis may be the answer! Hypnosis has been around for ages & many studies proved its efficacy in treating problems.

Break Addiction

Break free from alcohol, gambling, or any other from of addiction!

Boost Self- Confidence

Boost your self- confidence!

Tackle Sleep Disturbances

Get a good night’s sleep again!

Manage Stress

Learn how to cope with, and Manage Stress!

Shed Weight

Improve eating habits, lose weight, feel good!

Overcome Fear/ Phobia

Conquer your fear (of flying, elevators, etc.) and phobias!

Overcome Anxiety

Always worrying about what might happen? No more!

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